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Sure Shot Sid's

Sure Shot Sid’s is our first successful company owned product launch.  Our Sure Shot Sid’s Gunpowder seasoning has been actively sold for over 25 years.  Later, we expanded the product line to include Lemon Pepper, Lime Pepper and Chipotle. We just added two new flavors!


Bread Dip Seasoning

This product is a natural fit for bakery departments by enhancing fresh bread sales and it also promotes Olive Oil sales.

Mojo Mama Seasoning

 Add Caribbean flavor with our Original, Key Lime and Blackened.

Meat Kit Seasoning Packets

We offer flexibility in pack size for Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook meal kit seasoning programs.  

Mousse Mix

Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Vanilla

School Lunch Program

 Taco Seasoning, Sloppy Joe Seasoning, Spaghetti Seasoning, and Chili Seasoning


Fit Kitchen

A Healthy way to spice up your meals, try our Fit Kitchen recipes.  These flavorful blends are salt free and have no added Monosodium Glutamate.

Sure Shot Sid's Fry Mix & Marinades

SSS Fry Mix_edited.png

Sure Shot Sid's Fry Mix

Sure Shot's Marinade

     Sure Shot Sid's              Steak Sauce

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